Sure, it is a couple’s dream to luxuriate at a private, thatched cottage, whiling away by the idyllic sunny beach, being pampered at a romantic spa and spending your dinner at an elegant fine-dining restaurant. While this kind of holiday experience might sound luxurious and expensive for many, you can certainly find more affordable alternatives to enjoy a romantic holiday getaway without the need to splurge on a private and exclusive beach resort or a posh hotel. When you’re on the Sunshine Coast, you’ll surely discover so many pleasant and enjoyable hideaways and activities that you and your loved one will surely enjoy.

Even if you’re not checked in at a five-star beach hotel resort, the Sunshine Coast offers amazing beachside communities where you can enjoy the idyllic beach environment. Seachange Coolum Resort is one of the most ideal holiday hideaways for couples who want to experience a seaside holiday romance.

Our Sunshine Coast Coolum Beach Accommodation is just a stone’s throw away from the breathtaking white-sand beach of Coolum, allowing couples to enjoy long romantic walks on the beautiful shores, and enjoy the peaceful beach environment and the calming ocean breeze, as well as the spectacular sights around.

Providing them a relaxed and comfortable holiday retreat, our Sunshine Coast Coolum Beach Accommodation allows you to enjoy a more romantic holiday with our one-bedroom apartments that are perfect for couples. Each apartment is fully furnished and comes with completely equipped kitchen, laundry facilities and a spacious balcony for you to enjoy the breathtaking views outside.

If you wish to spend a more relaxing afternoon, we have our heated beach pool where you can enjoy the feel of the tropical paradise and a more private time with your partner.

Take your sweetheart to a romantic holiday experience on the Sunshine Coast and start planning your trip now. For the best rates and special deals, book online: