If you’re looking for something fun and for unique attractions and activities on the first weekend of December, then be amused and join the entire community in Imbil on the Sunshine Coast as they celebrate the Mary Valley Tomato Festival 2014.

The Mary Valley Tomato Festival is the best time for you to sample a wide array of home-grown tomatoes and grab the freshest natural produce.

Taking place on 7 December on Imbil, Gympie Area, the Mary Valley Tomato Festival will feature a great range of fun entertainment and engaging activities that everyone will enjoy.

You can join the tomato-eating relay contest and other tomato-based games that will surely be loads of excitement and fun. The Mary Valley Tomato Festival will also feature the largest tomato competition and decide if it will be able to break the current Guinness record of 3.52 kg.

You can also watch the colourful Grand Parade where there will be a selection of creative and vibrant floats designed by different community groups and individuals.

A great time for the whole family to get along together, there will also be fun games that both adults and kids can join in. Everyone can also have a taste of a wide variety of delicious food from the 12 gourmet food stalls featured in the festival. They can have a delightful picnic sitting in the shade with the beautiful scenery of the Yabba Creek.

Those who are in search of fresh produce will also be able to find 100 quality market stalls that sell hand-made or home grown products.

Other interesting and enjoyable activities and excellent entertainment such as as a feast of art, a fashion parade, and live music will also be happening during the festival.

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Image Source : Mary Valley Tomato Festival