Science and spirituality go together!

The Creative Healing Initiatives Workshop (CHI) intersects brain science and meditation practices through the use of techniques and tools.

According to CHI, science is not just compatible with spirituality, it is also a source of spirituality.

Participants in the workshop will learn to do remote viewing as well as understand the process of how to merge spirituality and science through the use of practical techniques.

Such techniques makes use of CHI Actions that can reformat anything and everything that are no longer serving your life path. Techniques will incorporate Epigenetics,   make use of the Zero Point Field and the activation of your “I AM.” Your Pineal Gland as well as the Merkaba Field will also play a significant part.

Expect to develop mindful awareness to assist you in reflecting on your experience, discern your options, shift your perspective and choose actions with wisdom.

The resonance circuit in your brain will be strengthened thereby allowing you to skillfully and confidently connect with others.

Creative exercises will help rewire your brain. You will also learn to cultivate your own brain’s neuroplasticity allowing you to learn new capacities quick and permanently.

Creative Healing Initiatives classes will be on April 3 and 4, 2014 at the two-acre home of Sharon Ellis at Eumundi, QLD. The venue is a quick drive from our Coolum Beach Apartments.

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Image Source: Creative Healing Initiatives (CHI)