Check-in to our Coolum Accommodation Apartments and sink in complete abandon into our heated plunge pool.

Go on a long and comfortable soak and feel your stresses dissolve away.

Physical therapists and doctors consider swimming in a heated plunge pool as highly beneficial to the body as it serves as a form of exercise. It also helps minimize the effects of stresses on the joints.

Plus, a heated pool safeguards people’s health and contributes to one’s overall well-being. Similarly, children love swimming and could easily tolerate decreased temperatures. Pediatricians also advise that repeated chilling could make kids be easily susceptible to infections of the respiratory system. The same can also apply to elderly swimmers.

Therefore, a heated plunge pool halts chilling and prevents any problems related to excess loss of body heat.

The best thing about our heated plunge pool is that it offers you the opportunity to spend more fun quality time with your friends and family. Enjoy the luxuriously warm temperatures of our plunge pool. No longer will grandma sit by the side. Now, anyone and everyone can enjoy the benefits our pool brings.

Believe it or not, you can also perform low impact exercises and even aerobics at our heated plunge pool. Feel free to take a plunge anytime during the day. Don’t forget that doctors highly recommend doing such exercises in a heated pool as it provides great effects to one’s overall health.

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