Meet Lars Tharp in person! The popular ceramics expert on the British television programme Antique Roadshow will conduct a one-man Roadshow challenge in Montville Village Hall, Main Street Montville.

Prepare to receive an overview of ceramics and expect to be de-mystified when he explains terms such as jollying, jiggering, pearlware, slipware, faience, creamware, soft-paste, hard-paste, delftware, stoneware and earthware. He will also discuss the difference between bone china and porcelain.

It will be a highly informative day on May 12, 2013. You might discover the umbrella stand you’re using or dog food bowl your pet is licking could be `Your Pot of Gold.’ Don’t forget to bring in your pots and treasures because Lars will be more than willing to analyze it for you. He will also make the final decisions with regards to items he will review.

Lars Tharp is a broadcaster, speaker, Hogarth Ambassador and ceramics specialist whose main fields of interest include British, Continental, Chinese and Japanese ceramics.

The event will start at 1:30pm. Montville Village Hall is a short drive from our Coolum Holiday Accommodation.

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Image Source : Lars Tharp